Breathe in,
breathe out,
Thay says Calming,

Present moment,
Only moment.

In, out,
as though it is you
and not the world
breathing you.


2 Responses to Sitting

  1. Teresa says:

    I went to a yoga class at my new health club, and it was great, except for the music in the background. I tried to tune it out but I really hate repetitious sounds, even if it is music that I usually like. So, it was a little hard to focus, but still I will go again next Wednesday. Am trying to make a habit of that and also practiced tai chi in the park near my home the other day when there was not a soul around. Perfect.

  2. quotesqueen says:

    Maybe the yoga can be a lesson in focusing wholly on the movement. I find that I get far more benefit from yoga postures when I can put my consciousness completely into them. Tai Chi in the park sounds lovely!

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