I know nothing; still, I cannot help singing.  ~A. R. Ammons

This has been a favorite line of mine for a very long time. I don’t remember where I ran across it, since I don’t think I’ve read Ammons’ poetry. (There’s something I need to do!) The line, to me, is perfect, though.

While it is not literally about singing, the line reminds me that I miss singing. For several years I sang in the local UU church choir. Although I don’t consider myself to have a particularly good singing voice, I can mostly carry a tune, was tolerated in the alto section, and loved doing it. I’m always hesitant to become part of group effort (I chafe at the social and political aspects), but there is something about making music with others that is spiritually satisfying.

For at least a couple of decades in my younger life, I was almost always conscious of a tune underneath my breath. I think I sang my way through a lot of hard times, comforting myself with that inaudible head music. But at some point, I realized it was no longer there, and I can’t say why. Do I just not need the comfort anymore?

I want to sing again.


6 Responses to Singing

  1. ronbrown says:

    Lately, as my mindfulness meditation has progressed, I’ve been applying mindfulness to singing and I’ve been enjoying it a lot more and doing it better. I just try to focus on what I’m doing RIGHT NOW and that’s it—which helps me lower distraction and anxiety caused by self-consciousness. It’s a pleasure!

  2. Teresa says:

    Just sing, damn it! SING your heart out. You cannot miss singing if you sing, choir or not.

    Will you?

  3. Bill says:

    home for a visit
    a song I had forgotten
    starts to sing itself

  4. donna says:

    The song is still there. It’s been there playing all along. Just listen. ;^)

  5. quotesqueen says:

    Bill, I LOVE the haiku! Thank you so much.
    And Donna, no doubt you’re right.
    And Ron, I must try that mindfulness stuff when I start to feel self-conscious about my singing, which Teresa NEVER does… 🙂

  6. rsussuma says:

    I’m with you, Ron! Mindful singing is the way to go!

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