We’re swallowed up only when we are willing for it to happen.  ~Nathalie Sarraute

A number of forces combined yesterday to overwhelm my best intentions. As my last few posts have attested, I have been immersed over the past few days in the work of Eckhart Tolle on the power of living in the present. Yesterday, it felt as though my ego, or will, was so threatened by the prospect of  annihilation (through living in the now, surrender to what is) that it reared up and demanded my attention. It is a greedy beast! 

Though I tried to be the “watcher” in the throes of this experience, as Tolle recommends, I was unsuccessful at taming the unruly will.  My mindfulness muscles are not yet strong enough, perhaps. Today I hope to practice that mindful presence and surrender as I go about my day.

Do you have a practice that helps keep you mindful, that connects you with all that is, or that helps you avoid being “swallowed up?”


4 Responses to Ego

  1. papaw arthur says:

    Reaching no self will, no ego, and living totally in each moment! Wow. I guess I’ve resolved, right or wrong, this is one of those perfect states to strive for, knowing we humans are not capable of getting all the way there. I find repeating a word or phrase for a long period of time, eg. “I am so grateful,” helps me avoid getting swallowed up.

  2. Ned says:

    I don’t consider eliminating the self to be the goal… just being aware of my self. At first it is like the buddha is sitting in the corner of my consciousness then, over time, it is my self sitting in the corner.


  3. asqfish says:

    Fasting from dawn to sundown keeps my ego under control.

  4. quotesqueen says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! Ned, I love the image of the buddha sitting in the corner of your consciousness…

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