Life is a series of natural spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them–that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~Lao Tzu

Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate. ~Chuang Tzu

Boy, do I need these quotations this morning! I am feeling battered by my situation, and it is so tempting to sink into bitterness or depression. I have just reread The Not So Big Life, and although I intellectually understand the concept of not “pushing the rope,” I find myself doing it over and over.

My whole orientation as a manager is to work toward positive results, so how do I let go of the results, “let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”? I think one reason I long for retirement is to escape this conflict in me, but I do understand that is not the right reason to retire.

May I center myself by just sitting with things today, letting my mind be free. May I learn to let go of resistance, making way for acceptance of whatever I am doing.


6 Responses to Flow

  1. barlynne says:

    Good morning. First, let me tell you that I am always grateful for time spent reading your blogs. They are a consistent delight to the spirit.

    The thought that arose from today’s posting was that of working with opposites. As I have worked with the exercise of “Going towards that which you reject” from The Not So Big Life, the experiencing has been quite fruitful. Each time there was frustration in the mind from a failure of whomever/whatever to work towards what I perceived was positive results, I have come to recognize that there is an internal judgment, a plan, that is there in my mind about what is positive, and what most definitely, is not. And it usually means I have taken a position on one end of a seesaw, and am actively rejecting its opposite. In a sense, I have captured the moment and am holding it hostage within a framework of what I believe it to be.

    In seeing that there is a judgment, no matter all the thoughts and those lovely facts that come that appear to support it, I know there is fruit here…

    What I started to do was a deliberate allowing of thoughts about the exact opposite of that judgment. And watched the system try to shut it down. Dispute it intellectually. Noticed the tension and discomfort in the body. Or a move to disregard it altogether – forget about it, or get depressed and inert. Again, I’d have to deliberately reengage.

    Not fun to the system. But by constantly reengaging, staying with it, gradually there has come awareness that what I am doing is not about the results, it is about seeing the nature of how my system operates and understanding more about attention, allowing, and how judgment impedes being. The more subtle judging that sets up boundaries around what can be seen and experienced.

    The framework within which my system perceives has expanded. The more difference I allow, do not automatically reject, the more fruit has appeared in the experiencing of the world, and the moment. The more opposite I truly see, the less opposing it becomes. The moreness expands.

    So the question that comes is what exactly does positive results mean to your system?

    With fondness,

  2. Peter says:

    I like Lao Tzu. 🙂

  3. quotesqueen says:

    Barlynne, Thanks so much for that perspective! Working with opposites is similar to “The Work” of Byron Katie–have you read her books? I am definitely always working to be more aware of my judging nature…appreciate your comments.

  4. asqfish says:

    Beautiful quotes ,like always!
    In my humble study of life there are three things to understand about Resistance:

    1. If Resistance occurs………….the message may be that there is another more smooth way of doing it.

    2. If Resistance persists and you are being measured by how much you can overcome it everyday, its time to find a different job, action, place to live etc.

    3. Stress comes from resistance: Nature is in praise of God at all times, when we are with nature (i.e. in praise of our Creator )we are without stress, it is only when we resist being with nature or resist being with our creator as we work, or are working to destroy His creation rather than live haromonilusly with it, then we are no longer in resonance with God and his creation. Thus we are in Stress (ref: Purification of the heart by Sheikh Mokhtar Magroubi: www. zawiyah.net).
    Thanks for all the beautiful thought provoking quotes!
    ps we live in an age where the values are upside down.

  5. Bill says:

    reading another
    introduction to Zen—
    when do I begin

  6. […] ourselves are, in our true nature.” I thought of Bill’s wonderful haiku in response to a recent post: reading about Zen, grasping it intellectually, is not […]

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