Just Write It!

Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark places where it leads.  ~Erica Jong

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.  ~Ray Bradbury

More writers on writing (there’s an earlier post by that title). Today I broke down and bought a Moleskine notebook at Barnes & Noble. I’m a bit ashamed to admit I have been lusting after one since I read this post at Put Things Off.

I want to write, to be drunk on writing, to be a writer (and NOT a writer-who-doesn’t-write). This blog is the closest I’ve come in years to having a consistent writing practice. Maybe I’ve been avoiding the dark places or the scary blank page or my own power. But, as with many situations in life, the best solution is to act with courage. To write.

so much depends

a black Moleskine

lined, with back

beside the blue


3 Responses to Just Write It!

  1. Bill says:

    I know just how you feel. I do all my wirting in a molskine these days. The first one was a gift. I’m now on my third, and I have a stash of three more.

  2. oh says:

    Like Bill, I keep a stash of them. If pressed, with no time to shop for a gift for someone, I’ll take a Moleskine from my stash, ribbon wrap it and add a clever tag. But they are difficult to give up.
    I only discovered them about a year ago, when B&N began putting them in the store. I don’t allow myself to shop for them on line. They make great little journals, too, and tolerate artwork along with words. Crazy Moleskine love.
    So glad to have found your blog!

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