Love and Creativity

For I know that the energy of the creative impulse comes from love and all its manifestations–admiration, compassion, glowing respect, gratitude, praise, compassion, tenderness, adoration, enthusiasm. ~Brenda Ueland (If You Want to Write, Graywolf Press, 2007)

How vain it is to sit down and write when you have not stood up to live. ~Thoreau

Two of the poems I submitted recently (see Submission), “Easter” and “White Pine Cabin,” will be published in the anthology at Kennesaw State University (Poetry of the Golden Generation, volume IV)! I think Ueland was on to something, because both of these were written from love and its manifestations, and I do believe that all my poems are from that place, regardless of their subjects.

Today I want to be grateful, loving, compassionate. I want to recover enthusiasm, so noticeably absent lately. Perhaps instead of sitting down to write, I need to stand up to live.


5 Responses to Love and Creativity

  1. lostintranslation11 says:

    How did you do that?!?? You speak from my own heart and I’m so grateful I came across your words here. Yes! Live then write….live then write… Be grateful and compassionate… and love every moment just because it is…
    Thank you:-)

  2. quotesqueen says:

    Glad to have your visit, and thanks for the nice words!

  3. Congratulations!! I really loved these two poems, especially White Pine Cabin – I’m sooooo excited it’s going to be published!!

  4. Peter Njenga says:

    This is really a nice place to be. The words are measured, yet so weighty.
    I am also benefiting greatly from Creativity and Action that I discovered here.
    This is so inspiring.
    Being a writer, I will often stand up to live. That way, if I stand for something, I cannot fall for anything.
    I so thank you for the wonderful insight.

  5. quotesqueen says:

    Hi, Peter-great to have you on my blog! Thanks for your comments.

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