Writers need to feel…We want to express our longing in its intensity. We need to write with a keen awareness of this longing, to know it better, for it is our greatest Self in seed form. What is the object of your longing? Every writer must find out an answer that will sustain, for not knowing your goal will stop your writing. ~John Lee, from Writing From the Body

Lee asks us to take a pen and paper and write the words “This Longing,” then list our longings. Here is my list. What are yours?

This Longing
Being heard
Acceptance of what is
Unity with all that is
Creative work
Full living


3 Responses to Longings

  1. Thanks for the great idea Quotesqueen! I linked to your post and then did my own list on my blog today.

    -Laura Lee aka The Midlife Crisis Queen

  2. […] She suggests that we each write down on a sheet of paper: “This longing” and then list all the things we long for. See her list here. […]

  3. quotesqueen says:

    Hi, Laura Lee, and thanks for visiting!

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