Motion is not necessarily progress any more than noise is necessarily music. ~Gregg Levoy

I have sworn off computer games. (Well, maybe a game of Scrabble or two now and then, but definitely no more of those arcade-type games!) I swear they were stealing my precious life. I would sit down to be diverted for a few minutes and get up stiff and irritable hours later. What a waste! Already I can tell a big difference in the quality of my days and my ability to sustain mindfulness.

Yesterday, however, I set up a facebook account. What fun! Now I am asking myself whether this is just another mindless distraction. I hope there is social value that redeems this activity, this “motion.” While it may not qualify as progress, it is connection, and I have been hungry for connection. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, join me on facebook and let’s make some music together, or at least some noise!


6 Responses to Distractions

  1. donna says:

    Nope, not gonna facebook. No way, no how. ;^)

  2. quotesqueen says:

    You are likely a wiser woman than I, Donna!! 🙂

  3. dSavannah says:

    facebook does have many distractions, which you can ignore at will! But it does indeed have some social value. I have “found” many of my friends from high school and college, and it is nice to see where they have ended up, and to re-connect with them.

    Many argue that the internet age has separated us, but I disagree – I think it can bring people together.

  4. Stacie says:

    The jury is still out on Facebook in my estimation…interesting to see other people’s status reports and see what they are doing, but is anyone interested in mine? Doesn’t seem so. Also pictures are fun to look at. Lyn, btw, you look wonderful! do you realize that we haven’t set eyes on each other in almost 20 years?! Anyway, we will see about Facebook…

  5. quotesqueen says:

    Oh, thank you, Stacie! You have made my day…and I’m interested in what you’re doing. And sorry about all these doctors!

  6. Stacie says:

    Thanks, Lyn, I know you are interested…yeah lots of doctors these days but that is okay…

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