The main thing in one’s own private world is to try to laugh as much as you cry. ~Maya Angelou

We hear way too much gloom and doom from the media. Yes, it’s true bad things happen in the world. But every day, so many people are doing good work, helping others, showing courage, giving and sharing, speaking truth to power, loving and caring for the world.

While it seems right to be concerned and cry (about the horrors in the Gaza Strip, the shooting in the San Francisco subway, and the other tragedies of the day), we also have to sustain our belief in goodness, laughter, community and sharing. Being human is being all those things, despite the fact that it sometimes feels a bit schizophrenic. Think how healing it can be for people to commune, laugh and remember after a memorial service, to enjoy being together, to remember the loved one who is gone, but also go on living.

I have never cared for the ideas of “positive thinking” or “affirmations” because to me they have always seemed false, a pretense. But if we are genuinely in touch with both the sadness and the joy in life, it is good to remember the things that make us laugh. May we all laugh as much as we cry.


5 Responses to Positivity

  1. Stacie says:

    Breathe in, I calm my body and my mind
    Breathe out, I smile
    Breathe in, I dwell in the present moment
    Breathe out, present moment, wonderful moment

    Paraphrased from Thich Nhat Hanh

  2. dSavannah says:

    Positive Thinking and Affirmations are only false if you believe them to be false. If you believe them to be true, they can hold a lot of power and force. Just as negative thoughts can create negativity in the world around you, so can good thoughts create goodness and joy.

  3. donna says:

    Eh, I get a bit tired of the happy thought people. Some things are truly just crappy. Killing other people in the name of your God is a crappy thing to do. I’m quite suspicious of those bloggers who are cheerful positive people all the time, too.

    Yes, I laugh a lot. Because in spite of the sorrows and pain, the world is a wonderful place. You can create good things from pain — my husband and I were profusely thanked today for seeing a theft taking place from a car, reporting it to the police, and sticking around and comforting the family as they came back to their car. They really appreciated that someone cared enough to do that.

    But it still sucked that some asshole broke their window and took their GPS. Jerk.

  4. Cindy says:

    The world is what we make of it and so often I think that in our frantic search for “happiness” we overlook the little stuff in life that gives meaning and joy and brings a bright light even for a moment. For example, I was in Shop Rite (a Northern Kroger) and an elderly man checking out in front of me forgot one of his packages. I left my order with the cashier and dashed out of the store to reunite the man with his package. He was so touched that I found him, he “blessed me” and two women who were observing our interaction both stopped me to tell me how touched they were that I helped him. Now, of course, I was as much a recepient of peace as the man but then I thought was this because he was a gentleman who treasured all acts of kindness or because it has become so much more unusual for one to take time to help another in a small way.

    Since then, I have become a keen observer of others and I am floored at how even the smallest kind gesture can brighten and touch someone. On the other hand, how a careless or down right cruel comment or act can cut someone down big or small. I am in awe of the power that we all possess to control our own happiness or discontent.

  5. […] we use to change or cover over our feelings.” (I couldn’t agree more–see Positivity). “This practice is the opposite: it is not about changing or covering over our feelings, it […]

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