Remembering Richard

Berkeley Lake House

Cardinals flick sunflower seeds
From the blue pottery;
A pine warbler, olive as ocean,
Balances on a leaf stalk.
From the kitchen we watch
For purple finches,
And the great blue heron
Is still as ice in the cove.

The new house tour
Includes a horsehead sketch,
A toothpick railroad trestle,
Long-eared rabbits.
We laugh at random pastel tile
In the tiny shower stall
And exclaim at the growth of angelfish
Raised from eggs.

Draped in black,
Your delicate daughter
Stands on a chair
To break the eggs for dinner.
Later, when she is asleep,
We will trail our fingers in the dark lake,
And sing the songs that made us feel immortal
As younger old friends.


3 Responses to Remembering Richard

  1. Peggy says:

    absolutely lovely, Lyn.

  2. teresa says:

    wow. just wow, that’s all.

  3. […] just 14, then my mother and two of my closest friends before I turned 50. I remembered Richard in a previous post (and have now added a […]

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