Since I retired in June, I have felt a bit adrift. There is something to be said for having a reason to shower and dress and show up somewhere. And whether or not you are close to your coworkers, there is also something to be said for being part of work group, having to say “Good morning” to others!

I am beginning to anchor myself now around Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning yoga classes. I am so grateful for my teacher, Paula, who gives generously of her time, expertise, and energy to offer several wonderful and inexpensive classes a week in this community. I am grateful, too, for the discipline of yoga and the many who have passed along the knowledge and techniques over the centuries.

And now, I’ll head out: yoga class, a much-needed haircut, lunch with a friend, then a bit of work in the afternoon. Retirement is sweet! Namaste.

2 Responses to Anchoring

  1. Paula says:

    Yes, Lyn, anchoring with Yoga allows us to move, relax,stretch and strengthen our mind/body/spirit connection all at the same time! so glad we can practice together…………….Paula

  2. Paula says:

    Hi Lyn – just re-read this post – am so glad you are finding our classes a means to anchoring and with results you are satisfied with. (I know not to end a sentence with a preposition but I’m retired too soooo)
    You are a welcomed member and I enjoy your company!

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