So…how many times have I heard that life is a journey, not a destination? I have believed it (at least in my head), said it to others, written it here.  There is knowing this, and there is knowing this on a deep heart level.

For the last year, I now realize, I have been looking for answers, for purpose, for destination. When I retired from my full-time job, I suddenly had an abundance of options. And because nothing jumped up and commanded my attention, I have felt adrift. We are so conditioned in our culture to having a routine, a to-do list, a feeling of accomplishment at the end of every day. To doing what shouts at us, rather than listening to the small voice within.

Now, I am claiming my journey: to un-still that voice, to explore, to (re)learn to play, to develop my imagination, to notice what feeds (and depletes) me, to open myself to the questions rather than longing for answers.

I have been doing some waters-testing, too. Among other things, I am consulting and teaching (old life, extended), seeing friends, practicing yoga, volunteering for a local nonprofit, meeting with other writers. And I am exploring the idea of renting a creative space downtown. When I was a child, I always wanted a playhouse. Now I want a playspace/studio.

What feeds you? What depletes you? How can you move on your journey toward what makes you sing?

3 Responses to Journey

  1. donna says:

    Dunno, been floating on the stream for eight years myself. ;^) Flow like water….

    Sometimes I think my Tao nature is just an excuse for being a slacker. ;^)

  2. jean Wise says:

    I retired four years ago and felt like you did. I think we are like teenagers again – finding out who we are. I read once you are who you are when you were ten. I was a writer at age ten and returned to that. You want a play space again. WE are are similar paths

  3. Lyn says:

    Thanks for your comments, Jean and Donna. And maybe being a slacker is just fine!

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