Singing Again

I am again part of the Georgia Mountains Unitarian Universalist Church choir. It feels good to be singing again, even though it means I have to show up at 9:30 on Sunday morning to practice! Reconnecting with this congregation has seemed effortless. There are people there I have really missed and new people to get to know.

In addition to the rhythm of song, I have found a rhythm of work and play that suits me. It might just be that I am adjusting to my new life at last, no longer feeling adrift. I am trying to “hold the tension,” to live with the questions, not needing to know exactly what will happen tomorrow or next month. In gratitude to Parker J. Palmer who gave me the title phrase and who said some incredibly kind words about this poem:

Holding the Tension

Both-and, she tells me
For the umpteenth time.
I have taken a place in town,
A playroom
For poems, water, fire.
I want to make it mean something.
(Must everything mean something?)
It makes me happy.

Mad for closure, for an answer,
I am a rubber band stretched
Between either and or.
Coming down on one side today
On another day, the other.
Yet I know in the not too distant future
I will lean into the stretch like a cat
Luxuriating in the sun.


2 Responses to Singing Again

  1. […] else. Instead of either-or, it can be both-and. The poem I wrote about this a while back is here. Life is a spiral for sure. I circle back to the same themes again and again, each time at a […]

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